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About us

We are a hat and accessories boutique launched in 2017, focused on providing sustainable products rooted in the beautiful artisan traditions of Ecuador.  Yaku Wear is committed to artisan empowerment through fair wages for the superior craftsmanship of human hands forming a relationship with the sun and water using the toquilla as the median.

We are committed to selling only handmade Toquilla Hats & Silver Jewelry. Our Toquilla 100% straw hats are woven in Ecuador by hard-working men and women that spend months on each piece by weave and allowing the hat to slowly cure and form a long-lasting piece of wearable artwork which will protect you from the sun and allow you to enjoy the outdoors safely.


Our silver Jerwelry is made using an ancient handmade technique called filigrana, which requires the artisan to have great patience and delicate touch to form the detailed and textured pieces.  From our beautiful candongas (large filigrana earrings) to the unique bracelets and stunning rings we're certain you'll find a piece that suits all styles.   

Yaku Wear always seeks to bring you wearable art, providing you with style while supporting the artisan community of Ecuador and a commitment to ecological sustainability through quality products designed to last through easy maintenance.

Silvia’s story began in Ecuador’s capital city of Quito. After spending much of her life in Santo Domingo, Silvia moved to the city of Cuenca, to study Tourist and Business Administration at university, where five years traveling her country visiting villages and communities  Silvia realized the variety of crafts, the beauty and the cautious process of them. There is when her passion for the crafts started and one of her desires was to show and share the story behind the crafts. 

After moving to the United States in 2014 and earning an MBA Project Management Silvia decide to visit her country in 2017 and made connections with artisans and then is when this amazing dream "Yaku Wear" started.

Silvia Roldan - Founder

Where does the name Yaku come from?

Silvia wanted to have a brand that represent the roots of the craft and also connect the way the hats are made.

"Yaku" is a kichwa word and is  very important because means "water". Kichwa is the language that speaks the community indigenous in Ecuador.

Silvia saw the connection between the pond, the water, indigenous, and the language, the final product is the hat.

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